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Draco sat at the long dark wood table along side the other Death Eaters waiting for the Dark Lord to show and chair their usual meetings. He was nervous....well...he was always nervous but now that hogwarts had been taken over and the Death Eaters were the winners of the war things had gotten just that little bit scarier. The blond had always held hope in his mind that perhaps Harry Potter would have defeated Voldemort and things would have gotten back to normal...well as normal as they could, but that wasn't the case, and here he found himself in a meeting to discuss the next moves they'd make now that the Death Eaters were boss.

Suddenly the door swung open and Draco lifted his stone grey eyes to see who would appear from it, obviously expecting The Dark Lord. But instead it was Florence. He hated her. She thought she was so much better than every one else and it got on his nerves, but she was much stronger and older than he was, he'd never dare say it to her face.

“The Dark Lord will not be with us, but discussions will continue as he has instructed me to do,” The woman announce.

Draco's eyes lit up just that tiny bit, things were always better when the Dark Lord didn't show. A lot less intimidating at least. But he did wonder in the back of his mind why he hadn't shown.

“There have been rumors of a resistance composed of those who’d escaped Hogwarts after we’d seized the grounds. These rumors have been fueled by suspected illegal apparating within our domain. However, though some are suspicious of this group raising a battle onto us once more, it is nothing but a bug we must squash. Keep diligent in your watches and capture any who feel the necessity to fight against our just rule.” She continued.

So the survivors decided to create there own army... Draco smirked as he thought back to fifth year when Potter formed the new Dumbledore's Army...They didn't stand a chance back then and they wouldn't now. The pale blond remained quiet though, pushing his thoughts back as he waited for Florence to continue. He never spoke up in these meetings for fear of looking stupid or being cursed for no reason or something and today was no different.
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