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Tyler frowned when the vampire did not respond and dropped her gaze to her lap. Her hands brushed across the hem of her dress, a sigh passing her lips. Was someone she could talk to too much to ask for? Maybe she was just as bad as a vampire. An American that was also half Veela. Sure, Fleur was half-Veela too, but she had proved herself as a witch. Tyler had lost her arm in the important battle.
“I’ll leave you alone,” Tyler told Vicente, her voice edged with her obvious American accent. “I’m sorry for bothering you.” She stood and picked up the broom she had stolen. As she did, she caught sight of Hermione’s wave. She smiled and tried to return it, but the brunette was already inside the cottage. She glanced back to the vampire and her frown returned.

“But, you know, you didn’t have to be rude. I was just trying to be nice…” Tyler replied. “Maybe if you work on your people skills, people wouldn’t be so afraid of you. And, just for the record, I’m not the rest of them. I’m nothing like them. I don’t cower in your gaze.” Her bright eyes narrowed as she shook her head, her hair falling in front of her face. She got onto the broom, sitting on it as though she were riding side-saddle on a horse. She flew back to the ground and replaced the broom where she had found it.

The half-Veela moved to the water, staring out toward the horizon. An itch consumed her left arm, but when she reached to scratch it, she remembered again that it was gone. The itch had been the result of something called Phantom Limb Syndrome and it annoyed her greatly.
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