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Listening to Florence dribble on about their next mission was a bore and Draco found he had to suppress a yawn. He didn't take orders from her. She was no one, he was The Chosen One, The Dark Lord picked him, himself but deep down he knew that was to get back at him for what his father had done...the boy sighed, his father and mother... they were no longer with him and every time he thought of them a twinge of pain shot through his chest. He'd done everything for them and they got him in this mess and now he was alone, alone in this mansion with these filthy Death Eaters. They were hardly company.

Draco was so lost in his thoughts that he almost didn't hear Florence dismiss them and it wasn't until all the other Death Eaters started to stand around the table and leave that Draco realised he should probably do the same. So he did, he stood up and went to turn to leave when the sharp voice of Florence caught his attention.

“Draco, dear, I have a special task for you as commanded by the Dark Lord." She started.

Draco shuddered, and he turned his head slightly to look at the woman with his grey eyes. He studied her face looking for a clue as to what this special task could mean. He was never fond of being picked out from the group, it always meant something bad. He then turned his whole attention to her, not saying a word, just letting her speak.

“The Dark Lord has heard whispers that the Order of the Phoenix, that failure of a thing, is starting to brew up a problem. He’s requested that the two of us look into it, find their location of operations and extinguish it completely.” She looked so pleased with herself, it made him sick.

Great, he'd be stuck on a mission with her of all people investigating something Draco secretly hoped would defeat The Dark Lord some day, he had hope, but it was now dwindling away into nothing. His eyes looked sad for a moment, but he swallowed and hardened his face as he regained eye contact with the woman.

"They hardly stand a chance. Is The Dark Lord really scared of a piddly little group like that?" He asked her raising an eyebrow but still looking submissive. "Oh well... I guess if that's what he's commanded we do, then there is no choice. Where do we start?" He didn't want Florence to think he didn't want to take on the mission. That would be bad.
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