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Draco sneered as Florence left the room. He felt the venom in her voice, he knew she hated him just as much...maybe even more than he hated her. But he didn't care. Right now his mind was on their latest mission, something different to usual. He wasn't sure if he should be thrilled at the change in scenery or upset at all the things that could come of this... plus working with her was a massive downside. Either way he had no choice in the matter and Draco accepted this, sadly turning to the door and heading out the large meeting room which used to be his family dining room.

He sighed, slowly striding up the stairs, two steps at a time until he reached his room. Then he made his way to his big kingsized bed. It was comfy but lonely and cold. He had a few hours until the mission. Beauty sleep would do him some good. He'd noticed he'd been losing weight and his face was gaunt. He was no longer that handsome Pure-Blood he once was and now all he saw was a pathetic ghost of a Malfoy. He sickened himself. This whole ordeal sickened him. In the end, he fell asleep feeling bitter and angry.

As he napped he had a dream, it was of The Dark Lord, punishing him for failing a mission. The Dark Lord raised his wand and screamed "AVADA KEDAV--" But before the spell was completed Draco shot up in his bed, covered in a cold sweat. It felt so real...nightmares always did.

"Shit..." He panted, rubbing his forehead with his right had as he turned to look at the clock by the bed. "SHIT!" He exclaimed once more realising he was late for the mission at Grimmauld Place. The pale blond shot out of bed and changed his black sweater and jeans and got into his dark suit. He looked smart in it, even if he was a sick and frail mess. It made him feel confident. Then he Apparated to 12 Grimmauld Place finding himself in a bush. He rolled his eyes at his disaster landing and stepped from the plant, brushing the leaves from his clothes.

Draco then scanned the area with his cold grey eyes, wondering if Florence had arrived yet. He so hopped he'd gotten there first, then he would have something to rub in her face...he never got a chance to rub anything into that woman's face...she was a bitch but she was smart he could admit that.
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