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Tyler watched the pair leave in silence, her hand moving towards the wand in her boot. The half-Veela paused and turned back to stare at the horizon, though she wasn't paying much attention to the view. She was completely focused on listening to the vampire and witch leave. When they did, she turned, her bright eyes on the broom she had borrowed earlier. Now she would have to steal it. Those two were up to something and she wanted in. There was no way she going to stay behind if there was a way for her to be involved in action. She couldn't stay here and socialize. She was itching for a fight and maybe even a little revenge.

With that, the halfling took off with a run towards the broom that leaned against the cottage. She sat upon it with the side saddle style she preferred and closed her eyes. Her long hair fluttered around her as she rose into the air, her heart accelerating with the anticipation of action, of fun. Her eyes snapped open and she shook her head, allowing the wind to play with her hair. A grin stretched across her fast as she leaned forward on the broom, vooming off in the direction the pair had gone. She kept her distance, but made sure to stay downwind of the vampire to avoid him discovering her. That was the last thing she needed, to be caught and forced to return to the boring stiffs that made the rest of the Order.

Clouds voomed past her as her grin grew. Flying was almost as fun as fighting. Almost. Her eyes fell to what was below her and a light giggle of pleasure escaped her lips. Buildings zoomed beneath her feet with unaware muggles occupying them. Her thoughts drifted to wonder where her father was and whether he was still alive or not. She had no way to know. Tyler shook her head to clear the thoughts away. Thinking about her father was as useless as thinking about her mother. She had left her father far behind to protect him. She had disappeared so that he could remain well and living.

She watched the two descend, but remained in the air for a little while, observing from above. Spotting three other figures, she lowered onto a roof of a nearby building. She set aside the boom and leaned against the side of the roof in a crouch, straining to listen.

When Greyback's threats reached her ears, a gasp passed her lips involuntarily. Hermione and Vicente needed her help. Her hand quivered with the thrill and danger of what she was planning. She was going to be a distraction. She was going to make herself the target so that the other two could do whatever they had come to this muggle neighborhood to do. Tyler stretched out her hand and grasped her broom, rising to a stand. She backed away to the other side of roof top, the stolen broom tight in her hand. She took off a sprint and jumped off the room, moving the broom beneath her.

The halfling flew into a wide circle around the neighborhood, her feet touching down on the opposite side of the street. She kept her broom beneath her, straying from her usual riding style. She waved her remaining hand in greeting, a wide grin on her lips.

"I'm sorry to say that I have one less arm and hand for you to tear off... That honor was taken by another... You know what? Why don't you just slice my throat? I think that'd be great fun... Or set me aflame... Wouldn't that be beautiful?" Tyler called out to the werewolf, accenting her words with waves of her hand. She shook her head. "I'll even run if you want me to. I know how fun the chase is..."
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