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Hermione’s head thunked silently against the trunk of the tree she sat behind, one arm securing the baby and the other wrapped with knuckles white against her wand. This was not going as planned. She could have expected two Death Eaters, but there were now three- one of them being the main lieutenant for Voldemort. Security around Grimmauld was going to get even worse after this, that much was sure, and tonight was going to end up being a hard battle. It was two against three, which wasn’t bad since the werewolf was simple enough to get rid of with a jinx and Malfoy… well, she didn’t think he had the heart to really put up a fight. If he did, Hermione was sure she could take him out. But, Florence was another thing altogether. There was a reason she’d been given the spot beside Voldemort, and Hermione wasn’t about to underestimate the witch’s ability to do some damage. Bloody hell.

Things were just getting worse.

Teddy stirred and suddenly, a muffled cry came from within the bundle. It wasn’t much but, in the dead of night, it was enough to waken the senses of Greyback, whose eyes zoomed in on the tree Hermione’s invisible body lay on. She was just as sharp, noting the sudden change in atmosphere and beginning to inch away from the tree, making sure not to trip on the invisibility cloak as she walked backwards, trying to silence the baby who’d decided now, of all times, to wake up. This all, however, was simply damage control. It was already put into action and Greyback made to advance, a Cheshire grin on his face that made Hermione’s skin crawl in disgust. She aimed her wand at him from behind the cloak; ready to send a hex his way when suddenly, the sound of a female’s voice invaded the surrounding area. Tyler? What in Merlin’s name was she doing here, and speaking so blatantly?

It served to distract Greyback, but only for a moment before a black mass jumped out from where Vicente had been and pounced onto the werewolf, who growled and began to strike without a second thought. No! Hermione wanted to scream. Instead, she looked to the other two Death Eaters, noting that Florence was already tossing a stream of green light towards Tyler, who was on a broom taunting the others. Sometimes, she wondered about the half-Veela’s will to live.

This being said, it was obvious that Hermione’s plan wasn’t going as she’d wanted it to. She tossed off the cloak, knowing it was really pointless, and wrapped it around the baby and the sash instead. Teddy wasn’t going to get involved in this fight, for obvious reasons.

From where she was stationed, Hermione crouched and aimed her wand in Florence’s direction. The other female was distracted at the moment by Tyler’s appearance, which made this the most ideal time to attack her. Malfoy was the least of Hermione’s problems at the moment as Florence continued to wave her wand around like a baton and lights flashed towards the half-Veela. Stupify, her mind commanded and instantly, a blast of radiant light shot forth towards the Death Eater. She could only hope that the witch assumed that Tyler and Vicente were the only ones around.

That just wasn’t the case, though.

* * *
Florence grimaced at Malfoy’s reaction to her appearance. How on earth was he supposed to be a Death Eater when he was scared of everything? He was horribly pathetic, and Florence’s judgment of the poor soul only got worse with every second that passed by. He squeaked, for goodness sake, from being surprised. And he was supposed to be the next generation of Death Eaters? He needed some extreme training and the fact that the Dark Lord had given instructions to her to administer the mentoring made bile rise in the female witch’s throat. This was going to be absolute, sheer torture for her.

Instead of thinking too hard about the most unpleasant situations, Florence watched the much more entertaining one that was unraveling before her as Greyback hunted like a hound for food. So, there were people in the park? That meant not only one foolish Order member was here, but also two or more; to think that they came so willingly into the open for battle. It was completely ridiculous and now, Florence was going to be scouting about this perimeter for every night hereafter. She wasn’t exactly sure how she felt about that. Sure, killing a few bugs was always good fun but having to give up her nights was going to be quite a trade off.

And, then, the action began.

Florence’s head turned in reaction to the sudden sound of a baby. A baby? Her eyebrows rose as she watched Greyback tense, ready to pounce on the revealed position, though where he looked Florence’s eyes saw nothing. And so, they were using an invisibility charm. That would only work for so long before Greyback tore through them. But, before she could even make a comment on how much fun that sight would be, there was another intrusion in the form of a one-armed pathetic woman on a broom. Oh, how valiant of her to suddenly come out of nowhere and offer herself. It made Florence sick.

A smirk formed on her face as she turned her attention to the woman who cried for the killing curse as Greyback went to work on the vampire that had come out of its hiding spot. “Deal with whoever has the child,” her cold voice commanded Draco before turning her wand on the other female, flinging the Cruciatus curse her way. She always loved torturing the prey before finally giving them their death sentence. This one would be no different. She continued to fling curse after curse at the female, wanting to see her squirm, when something flashed in her peripheral view.

In a flash, Florence twirled to deflect the hex, bouncing it back to wherever it had come from. “Show your face, coward,” she called out into the darkness where Hermione crouched behind the tree, dodging the rebounded curse. The young witch’s hair was barely holding back in its tie, tendrils beginning to fall in her face as she tried to stay silent in her position, holding the now invisible child with one arm while the other aimed the wand once more at the most dominant threat.

“Come fight me,” Florence cooed as she kept an eye on the other suicidal Order member while slowly approaching the mass of bushes and trees. “I’d like to know who my opponent is. I’d love to see your eyes as I vanquish that pathetic excuse of a light in them.”
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