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It was dark. Not much light could be seen peeking through the small cracks in the walls. There were no windows in the room, but that was how the owner preferred it. Slowly, yet purposefully, a figure rose to a sitting position. The figure stretched before running its fingers through black hair. After a moment, a single pale hand reached out, grabbing onto something thin, and with a soft whisper, a small light shown through the darkness.

The light revealed the figure to be one Alex Marshall, former student at Hogwarts, and not-so-loyal servant to Lord Voldemort. The young man got out of bed, not wasting any more time then necessary. It wasn't that he was really a morning person, but he was used to getting up before a normal hour. In fact, he had slept in quite a bit that day, compared to usual.

The dark-haired young man dressed quickly, wearing his normal muggle clothing of black jeans and a black shirt. He was going for a walk in the muggle world, and wanted to at least half blend in. He did, however, grab a long black cloak to wrap around himself. With his wand in his pocket, he was then ready for the day.

Alex walked silently out of the building, nodding to the familiar faces as he went. Nobody really cared where he was going, figuring he was either on a mission, or simply had some free time. It wasn't as if they had to worry. If he was needed, he wouldn't be hard to find. Fortunately for him, they had long since stopped their mistrust of him, making it easier to get away when he needed to.

He made his way down a collection of streets, not really finding anything of interest. That was when he heard some commotion from around the corner. He turned the corner to find a battle unfold before his eyes. He recognized right away the blonde hair of his fellow reluctant Death Eater, Malfoy. Not really eager to get involved, yet realizing that there was already a good chance of having been seen, he made his way over to the others.

"What's going on here?" he asked, sliding over beside Malfoy. He could tell that there was a battle, but he had no idea what was the cause besides the fact that there were both Death Eaters and members of the Order there.
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