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"A baby?" Draco questioned to himself as small cries could be heard from the bushes across the road.

And then all of a sudden things just started happening left right and centre. Draco could hardly keep up, he watched Greyback fighting with a man... a vampire by the looks of things who'd pounced from the bushes the dog was sniffing only moments before, they were tearing into one another rolling around in a tangled mess, insults flying here and there, they were both strong, Draco wouldn't be able to place a bet on who'd win if he had to.

Meanwhile Florence was fighting the stupid one armed girl in the air, both flinging forbidden curses at one another but both successfully managing to dodge each one.

“Deal with whoever has the child." Florence called to Draco angrily, but the boy swore he could see a glint of excitement in the crazy witch's eyes. He didn't know what to do he stood there with a shocked expression on his face. Listening as Florence taunted whoever was in the bushes.

"What's going on here?" A familiar voice came from nowhere and the blond turned to face the man now standing next to him. Alex. Another Death Eater but he was different, he wanted nothing to do with The Dark Lord, just like Draco. But Alex was kinder than he was, Draco wanted out for his own selfish reasons.

"We came to suss out the Order working against The Dark Lord and it seems we've found them." Draco said cooly, trying to regain his composure. Now was not the time to panic. "Now excuse me, I've got orders to follow." he sighed and stepped away form Alex, moving towards the bushes quietly from around the other side. He rolled his back against a large tree and peeked out at the spot of bushes everyone had been keeping their eye on.

He took out his Hawthorn wood and Unicorn haired wand pointing it quietly at the spot. He then let out a whisper, as quietly as he could. "Get. Out. Now!" He glanced around to see if Florence or Greyback heard, hopefully not, then he cried out a jinx. "Flippendo!" hoping not to hit whoever was hiding before him.
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