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Forum Rules 3.0; Amended 06-27-2010
Topic Started: September 23, 2009, 7:08 pm (1,932 Views)
Longo Bongo
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1. The most important rule on this board is an obvious one. Remain courteous and respectful towards your fellow members at all times. The staff here cannot moderate instant message conversations, phone conversations—any conversation that does not take place on this site. If you have drama with someone else, leave it to the instant messages and do not bring it here.

2. For each forum you visit there will be a separate set of rules listed in the Rules & Regulations forum of the site. Some of these are redundant, however, a lot of them are indeed unique to that specific area of the forum. Please make yourself aware and familiar with these rules.

3. If you have a conflict with a member or staff member, take it up with that person privately. Do not post threads regarding any drama between yourself and someone else, or two separate people. Involve only the parties necessary to avoid inflating the situation.

4. Post threads in the appropriate forum and keep the discussions friendly. While light debating is acceptable and encouraged, always “agree to disagree.” There are no winners in an online debate, so please remain friendly.

5. Any forum on this site that is not a roleplaying forum is rated PG-13 by default. This means you must remain appropriate in the threads you participate in. Swearing is allowed, though not excessively. If you are posting something that is not work safe, please specify so in the description of the thread.

6. Spam in the appropriate forum and not excessively. If the staff has any reason to believe you are simply spamming to raise your post count, your post count will be dropped back to zero. Participation in roleplays are not required to be a member here, but do not spam in inappropriate forums.

7. Do not double post. The edit button is your friend! If you find you have something to add, edit it into your post. Bumping threads is acceptable, but only on occasion.

8. Do not advertise. This website takes time and work to maintain. It was not created for you to spam your website all over the place. This includes using the Private Message system to do so.

9. Use the report button when you feel necessary, but be prepared to explain why you feel the material in question is offensive or against the rules. The staff here wants to hear you out so the rules can be updated accordingly. Please do not report a post and provide no opinion or commentary.

10. Please do not create multiple accounts. Here on Zetaboards you have the ability to change your username. If you have another reason you would need another account, or a different account to use as your main account, please contact the staff first to discuss this prior.

11. The staff reserves the right to adjust the color and size of your text for easy reading. If your text is too dark and unreadable, the staff will edit your post so that members do not have to highlight your text to read it. You will not be notified prior or after this occurs.

12. Do not make any racial, sexist or derogatory statement towards any person on this forum or in reference to any person you know in real life or in the media. This is a ban-able offense and is not taken lightly in the slightest.

13. Do not discuss on this board any illegal activities. This includes hacking or cheating at online games, sharing warez, roms or CD-keys and cracks, passwords or serial numbers.

14. Read the posts above yours before replying, especially in a discussion topic. This is to ensure that you do not bring up points that were already discussed, or so that you do not restate the obvious.

15. The "pink guy hugging a duck" emote is banned on EL. This includes linking the image. It will be deleted from the post / edited out upon it's discovery. There will be no explanation or warning for it's deletion.

16. Please do not post asking whether or not you should "stay or go." Everyone here wants you to be here, and nobody wants to see you go. If you must leave, for whatever reason, please do not take a poll from the community. It's rude, egotistical and you'll only be instigating an argument.

17. The staff of EL does not get paid for their services. Everything they do is voluntary. If you have a problem with the way a staff member behaves or performs their duties, please take this up with Nikkia. If you address this publicly, in a thread, it will be trashed and you will be reprimanded.

*The staff can and will update this list as they deem fitting.
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